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This is your Fish Habitat Partnership.  One of the most important functions of a Fish Habitat Partnership is to seek out funding opportunities to advance local fish habitat conservation.  We will notify you of all pending funding opportunities as they become available.  Some of these will be through partner organizations where we will supply a link to more information. Others will be opportunities directly through one of the Fish Habitat Partnerships in the Midwest and Great Plains. You can apply for those opportunities right here by clicking Apply for Project Funding to the left of this page.  Be sure to thoroughly read all instructions, including those supplied as an attachment before you apply.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) anticipates receiving a combination of base funded appropriations and the Administration's Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in FY 2014 to support the Great Lakes Basin Fish Habitat Partnership (GLBFHP) and its efforts to complete on-the-ground, fish habitat protection, restoration, and enhancement projects. The Service and the GLBFHP recognize that a substantial amount of the protection, restoration and enhancement of fish habitat will be done at the local level by local watershed associations, municipalities, tribes, states and non-governmental organizations. The Service and the GLBFHP will work with organizations to encourage local conservation actions that fit within the GLBFHP’s Strategic Plan priorities. 

Please use the guidelines in the Call for Proposals below to submit your project idea. Proposals are due on November 15, 2013


 It’s time to submit habitat project ideas for 2014 funding or support from the Great Plains Fish Habitat Partnership (GPFHP). The Great Plains FHP is one of nineteen partnerships that span the nation under the initiative of the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP). The GPFHP area of focus; rivers, streams, riparian corridors and watershed health of the northern half of the Great Plains which spans all or portions of 10 states and 28 Tribes.  If you have an aquatic conservation project aligned with the goals and objectives of the GPFHP and need financial assistance, we encourage you to submit a proposal.

 Applications are due by December 2, 2013                                                          

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