Construction of a Rock Arch Rapids at Quasqueton Dam on the Wapsipinicon River, Iowa

Project Description: 
The Wapsipinicon River has one of the longest and continuous stretches of natural and scenic river in the state of Iowa. The Waspi contains a diverse mussel community and dams on this river impede movement of native fish that are host species to federal and state listed mussel species. Quasqueton dam was modified to a rock arch rapids. The dam remained in place and a series of rock weirs were constructed downstream of the dam ending just upstream of the bridge.
Ecological Benefit: 
Construction of a rock arch rapids at the Quasqueton Dam increased access to critically needed seasonal floodplain habitats for walleye, northern pike, bass and other native fishes and allowed for the upstream expansion of native mussel species.
Project Status: 
Completion Date (Year): 
Targeted Species: 
Partner Funding: 
Service Funding: 
Louise Mauldin

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